Our philosophy is stated initially in our Statement of Purposes

Statement of Purposes.

  1. To promote the Performing Arts, especially in Theatrical Dancing, Speech, Drama and Music (including sub-sections specialising in Brass and Country and Popular.
  2. To provide opportunities for performers of all ages to receive critiques of their skills by highly qualified and independent Adjudicators.
  3. To provide a nurturing atmosphere for, especially, inexperienced competitors, to enable them to overcome fears of public performances.
  4. To provide rewards for performances that meet the standards demanded by the Adjudicators.
  5. To provide performers with all that is needed to encourage personal and cultural growth.
  6. To provide a facility for an audience that is compatible with the requirements of all, including the aged and infirm.
  7. To promote awareness of the artistic talents within the community. To celebrate and encourage our cultural activities.


The City of Sale Eisteddfod Society Inc. will consult with teachers of cultural activities to ensure that the sections offered for competition are always in accordance with the demands of our community.

The City of Sale Eisteddfod is neither formed nor conducted for the purpose of trading or securing a profit to the members. The income of the Association, however derived, shall be applied solely to the promotion of its objectives.

Putting Into Practice

Attaining skills in the performing arts - dance, music, speech and drama - focuses attention on acquiring and polishing skills and requires students to spend focussed and directed time rather than allowing aimless time that can be directed into rebellion and destruction.

At the Eisteddfod, constructive criticism of their efforts enables them to have feed back on their progress to date and will either persuade them to continue or find another avenue for their creative skills. Untold hours go into acquiring and polishing skills. This has far reaching benefits as the family is concerned with their progress and joins in the joys and despairs of competition and performance.

The focus of an Eisteddfod is upon youth, however, good role models are provided by the presence of adults in the competitive environment. In open competitive events it is skill that decides the winners not the age.

The number of Eisteddfodau around our State and across Australia provides a continuing focus for the highly talented. Entering into a number of competitions enables the student to receive critiques from a range of Adjudicators, giving them detailed feedback on their progress. It enables them, at each Eisteddfod, to perform in front of a new audience and provides them with confidence in their abilities.

The whole family benefits from the commitment of the member.

Benefits to the Community

Acquiring skills in cultural activities has far reaching benefits in support of the community. Competent performers will participate in all sorts of activities within the community. Fundraising efforts are often supported by cultural activities of some sort with performers volunteering their time and effort.

The demands of acquiring performing arts skills benefits the community because the active minds that might otherwise concentrate upon mischief are directly involved with challenges that benefit all of us.

Overall Benefits

The most competent of students are those who manage their time well enough to combine studies with a range of other activities such as sport, drama, music and community support.